Have You Been Recently Diagnosed With Hearing Loss?

If you've been diagnosed as having hearing loss or occupational tinnitus by your doctor or a high street hearing centre, and you have worked in noise as part of your job, then you could be eligable to make a no win, no fee claim for compensation.


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Recently Diagnosed With Hearing Loss?

Don’t be convinced that you are able to only claim if your job involves heavy equipment. Deafening factories, bottling plants, nightclubs, harvesting and a whole host of other really noisy working atmospheres can harm your hearing hence¬†making you to eligible to claim.

Suffering From Tinnitus?

Many people suffer with a persistent buzzing in the ears after working in noisy workplaces like factories, ship yards, warehouses or from serving in the Armed Forces. For most people, this is temporary and soon goes; around 10% of people have prolonged ringing in the ears that is mild and not really irritating.

Ever Worked In Noise?

One in every hundred people have buzzing in the ears that continues for most of the time, and seriously impacts their quality of life. The majority of these cases can be traced back to time spent doing the job in a loud environment, often many years in the past and long before the tinnitus became noticeable.

Ever Needed To Shout To Be Heard?

Have you ever needed to shout to be heard at your workplace and have later found that your hearing has been affected? Then Mercury Legal Online might help you to claim against your employer for commercial deafness. We specialise in industrial disease and take great pride in our level of customer care and ethics. Regardless of how unimportant you believe your case is, pick-up the telephone as we are right here to help.

What Happens Next?

Our hearing loss team are ready to speak to you about your hearing loss claim and arrange a time that a solicitor can speak to you about testing your hearing loss with one of our ENT specialists. Call them anytime, 24/7 on 0800 122 3130 or complete our call back form and they will call you back, today.

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